1076 State Highway 1. Manakau between levin & otaki.
Phone: 06 3626995 • Website : www.deerstorymuseum.co.nz
Email: info@deerstorymuseum.co.nz
The Deer Story... Museum
From Wild Animals to Farming for Profit
Deer Feeding
@ The Deer Story... Museum
The Deer Story... Museum
From Wild Animals to Farming for Profit
Feeding Deer
Deer Feeding
@ The Deer Story... Museum

WELCOME TO The Deer Story Museum


1076 main highway manakau between levin & otaki. Phone: 06 3626995. Email: info@deerstorymuseum.co.nz. Website: www.deerstorymuseum.co.nz


The Deer Story… Museum is situated 4 km north of Otaki on the main Otaki – Levin Highway (SH1).

The Deer Story… Museum offers visitors a range of activities which are of interest to all nationalities and age groups.

The museum follows the history of deer in New Zealand. From liberation in the wild for the pleasure of early European settlers, through the culling era when successive governments tried to destroy every deer, then the helicopters involvement in shooting and live capture. (During this era 201 helicopters crashed killing a total of 49 people while endevouring to shoot or catch deer) and finally farming. New Zealand has become the largest deer farming nation in the world.

The Deer Story… Museum souvenir shop has a large range of deer related product including deer skin handbags, clothing, hats, etc. Deer antler carvings and nik nacs, painting, books, walking sticks, tee-shirts, ornaments, jewelery, etc. (mostly deer related)

The Deer Story… Museum delicatessen has a range of salimi, bier sticks, pastrami, ham, all made from venison. Also smoked venison, venison sausages, and fresh venison roasts or steak. Deer velvet, honey, deer velvet capsuls, slices, etc.

Other special features at The Deer Story… Museum include:

  • See live capture Techniques on the 3m x 3m big screen.
  • A full size replica Hughes 500 helicopter chasing a full size running stag (Static display).
  • Four world class trophy sets of Red Deer Antlers.
  • Authentic reconstruction of a deer culler hut from 1940’s era.
  • An opportunity to hand feed deer from the decking.

The Deer Story… Museum is a very unique and educational farm experience. Enquires from tour operators, schools and clubs are very welcome. Special rates and services can be arranged on request. Access is directly off State Highway 1.

Parking is available.

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Story: Deer and deer farming

Introduced for sport in the 19th century, deer became a pest in New Zealand’s forests.


Red Deer

History: Red deer (Cervus elaphus scoticus) were introduced into New Zealand in the 1800s from some of the prestigious game


Forget Mangaweka, head to Manakau

Manakau could become the new Mangaweka as a deer-themed museum complete with helicopter opens on Saturday.


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  • 我們有在博物館一個偉大的時間。這樣一個有趣的文化。每個人都在總線上喜歡直升機拍了很多照片。我也有我的飛行執照。我的丈夫買了一些鹿茸片。我想這是每個人都應該看到。

    From Wong shek

  • The Deer Story Museum was a welcome surprise

    The Deer Story Museum was a welcome surprise. A very interesting Piece of New Zealand history. My wife even bought herself a deer skin purse. I will recommend to all my friends to stop in. From Bill Hamlin

  • Deer and The Helicopter

    My wife, the kids and I were recently driving from Auckland to Wellington. We saw the Deer Story Museum on the side of the road and decided to take a break from the drive. The kids loved the interpretive displays in the museum. We also got some great photos of the kids in the helicopter. They were very excited about getting a souvenir helicopter pilot’s license. Was well worth the stop. From Carl Hewison

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